Jul 18, 2009

Dambar Prasad Rimal (Bishnu/Mailo)

Hi everybody. I am Dambar Prasad Rimal (known as Bishnu Rimal and mailo). At present I am writing this from Kuwait. My country is Nepal, and I am from Narayani zone, Bara district, VDC Dumbarwanna, Ward No.7. My village name is Katarwa in Mahendranagar.

Now I am living in Kuwait, it's one of the Gulf countries.
My job is Security Guard. Now I am working in CSA (Securicor) Company here and am living alone. I have family members who are living in Nepal. In my family, I have my father Dhurba Rimal, Mother Durga Devi Rimal, elder brother Damoder Rimal, younger brother Maheshower Rimal and youngest brother Rajan Rimal.
I have one nephew Saphal and niece Laxmi (chhori) sister-in-low Gayetri Poudel Rimal, my wife (life partner) Nirmala Wagle Rimal, my marriage type is love marriage. I am happy with all my family members. I want to say all of you who is seeing this page - God Bless You and Have a Great Time. Have success in your life. Do good for every body if you can but don't do any wrong or bad with any one.
I believe on the God and I pray the God almost every time. I don't want to do any bad I want to do something new for in future in my life. I don't want to do for any one any kind of mistakes. Unfortunately if I am doing wrong I am asking to forgive me. What I mean to say everyone do your work and don't be afraid with anyone. Nobody can do anything to you if you are good, the God will help you.

Last but not least, God bless you everyone bye.

Dambar Prasad Rimal (Bishnu / Mailo)Kuwait

Jul 17, 2009

Useful Links

Here are some links, I recommend you to visit.

Country Profile of Nepal - you will come to know all about Nepal, it's fact. It's important to know about the country you are from.

Business Blog - here you will find some useful/update information about share/stock and business market of Neapl.

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) - again, this link will give you some insight about the security/stock market of Nepal etc.

Jamb Discussion Forum -- Sometimes, I visit this site to know what the investment expert as well as beginners are discussing all about.

BBC English Learning Center & UsingEnglish.com - Learning English Online - If we learn at least a new word or sentence, there is no loss. If we have free time, why not learn English?

If you have other links, you think useful sharing with us, write to us at katarwa@gmail.com

Apr 12, 2009

Happy New Year 2066


Mar 15, 2009

Memoriable period

Hello all my blog herne friend sabailai namaste ,
Mero name Indira Rimal ho . ahile ma kathmandu ma baser job ani study garndai chhu . recent maile padmakanya campus ,Bagbajar bata sociolgy ma Bachlor first division ma pass gare . Aba Digree pani sociology ma garna suru gardai chhu . mero study matra hoina kam pani gardai ani study gardai garda pani ramro mark aayako chha . yo dhekher ma dherai nai happy chhu ahile . yo period mero lagi dherai memoriable samaya ho . ma 9.00am to 5.30pm office ma duty saker ani balla study garna pauchhu tai pani ramro bhayako chha . yadi full time dina sakeko bhaya mero future kasto huntyo hola . tara kehi chaina ahile ma kunai famous travel agency (Temple Tiger Group of Companies) ma kam gardai chhu . seniour accontant bhaisakeko chhu kam gardai padhdai garo ta hunchha tara future pani ramro nai chha . working exeperience le ramro kam garchha ahileko job contextma. any way kehi chaina aba pani ramro hola desh ma peace bhayo bhane travel line increase hudai chha ani mero tesma pani ramro future hola ki aash garau .

Mar 4, 2009

Congratulations to Indira

Indira has passed Bachelor degree from one of the University from Kathmandu Nepal. We are due to publish her feeling on the very first day when she came to know her result was published

Jul 2, 2008


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